The Best Gregorian Chant for Listening

Best Gregorian Chant

When you hear the word “Gregorian Chant” you likely are reminded of remote monasteries, beautiful landscapes of Ireland and monks singing in their solemn robe attire.  h is not like most music, even religious music that we’re used to.  It uses the monophonic form of music and has a rich history. Monophonic form is music that only has a melody. Even the best Gregorian Chant has been known in religious and non-religious circles to offer a relaxing and calming effect to the listener.  This is likely because of it’s slow beautiful tones. Most chant lyrics are taken from the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible.

In fact: Chant has actually been known to calm, give extra strength and heal. We’re surrounded by a fast paced world, and finding a good Gregorian Chant download might be just the thing to help you relax and be stress free.

We’ve put together and reviewed a list of some of the best gregorian chant music you can purchase.

Lost in Meditation – Meditative Gregorian Chants

“Lovely Gregorian Chants”

Lost in Meditation - Meditative Gregorian ChantsLost in Meditation is a 14 track album with meditative gregorian chants by Capella Gregoriana. You can buy it as a MP3 or Audio CD album. Amazon also offers it as part of their “Prime Music” program. It was originally released in 2009 and has since gathered 90 reviews with an average of 4.6 stars.

If you enjoy listening to music while you pray or meditate, gregorian chant CDs like this one are a great option. One reviewer mentioned that, “These are lovely Gregorian chants that will enhance anyone’s spiritual life. I found them great for prayer or meditation.” It’s also a great CD for those who don’t normally listen to chant music. Another person said, “I am a fan of many styles of music, but ordering a CD of gregorian chant was a stretch for me. This is my first album of the genre, but I’m certainly not disappointed!”

Gregorian Chant Download

So, if you’re looking for something to help give you peace of mind or even put you to sleep, “Lost in Meditation” is one of the best Gregorian Chant downloads or CDs you can get. One of the most beautiful and best gregorian chant songs on the album is Introits: Nos Autem.

BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia

“Excellent CD of Gregorian Chant”

The Monks of NoricaWith over 180 reviews, most of them positive, Benedicta: Marian Chant from Norcia is one of the best sellers online. It was produced by The Monks of Norcia in Italy at their monastery. It also ranks as one of Amazon’s best sellers in the Classical and Opera & Vocal Categories.

The Monks of Norcia are a very interesting singing group and even have a brewery connected to their organization. Their beer is called Birra Nursia.

Their newest album is available on either audio CD or MP3 download. Benedicta is pack full, with 33 tracks of some of the best gregorian chants. It holds some of the most well known songs like “Ave Regina Caelorum,” along with some of the monk’s own original compositions.Gregorian Chant Download

It seems that passion shines through their music. One of the listeners stated that, “…they sing what they believe, they love what they sing about, and they have the discipline, daily experience, and knowledge to make the chant beautiful.” In addition to having great chant music, this CD also supports a great organization. Another reviewer said, “This is an excellent CD of Gregorian chant which also provides financial support to a very worthy project by the Benedictine monks of Norcia.”

There were a few people who complained that there was not enough variation. If you’re a fan of some of the best gregorian chant albums and have a critical ear, this may or may not be an issue. The best thing would be to listen to a sampling first. Others also mentioned that it was difficult to hear. However, this comprised of only 2% of reviews.

Chant Music for the Soul

“A Very Enchanting Album”

Chant - Music for the SouldMost would agree that listening to Chant Music is usually done for spiritual reasons – often to bring peace of mind or simply background music for prayer and meditation.

One could say that Chant Music for the Soul was made for that very purpose. This CD has nearly a 30 track index of MP3 gregorian music. Further more, they have a very interesting story behind the making of this CD. The monks of the Cistercian Abbey Stift Helligenkreuz in Vienna actually won a recording contract with Universal UK through the submission of a YouTube video. It probably didn’t hurt that Pope Benedict XVI stated that their monastery was one of his favorites! Below is the complete story:

Gregorian Chant Download

It also received some really great reviews. A listener by the name of The Poet said, “If I could afford to, I’d send it to everyone I love! Beautiful, prayerful, peaceful. A must have in this time of uncertainty!” Yet another one said, “This is a very enchanting album. One is transported to another place and time. A place of peace, a place of hope. The sound of their voices and the ringing of the church bells is heavenly.”

Angels & Saints at Ephesus

“Ordered this…within seconds…”

Angels and Saints at EphesusWhile all the other ones have been monks voicing their praise to God, Angels & Saints at Ephesus showcase the nuns from the Benedictines of Mary. The nuns from Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles “seek above all else, a life of union with God in prayer…” Having spent nearly two months as #1 on the Classic Music Chart Billboard, they surely deserve the right to be one of the best gregorian chant albums.

It is of course available for download as a digital download (MP3), Audio CD and even streaming. It features 17 tracks both in English and Latin. Those who have bought it have LOVED it. One person referred to it as a “Mixtape to God” and went on to say, “I heard a preview of these songs on “Busted Halo” and ordered this and their Advent album within seconds..” It’s been listened to with great excitement and even used for people with mental challenges. One five star reviewer said, “I have not taken this CD out of my car since I got it! I bought two CD’s, so I could give a copy to a close friend who has an autistic child. He loves the music and finds the voices soothing.” There is only one negative review and that one was actually a mistake.

Gregorian Chant Download

You can’t go wrong with this album. You’ll want to get this Gregorian Chant download or music disk as soon as possible.


“The music flows like silk”

Voices Chant from AvignonFrom the remote areas of France, the Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation bring us 22 beautiful tracks of finest gregorian chant downloads. Having been release in 2012, it already boasts 90 customer reviews with an average of 4.7 stars. The sisters of Abbaye Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation are unique in that they are known for their near silence. They don’t believe in speaking unless absolutely necessary and they live a very repost life. However, one might say that their remote lifestyle lends to the success of this Gregorian album.

These nuns have been said to have some of the most chant choirs in the world. One reviewer said, “record executives from the Universal Music record label, Decca Records, who had identified them as the finest female chant choir in the world.” The whole album tells the story the two disciples of Jesus one the road to Emmaus. This is likely a CD you don’t want to miss. Another listener said, “If you are a lover of Gregorian chant, this is a superb example. The music flows like silk. It is obvious why this community of Sisters was chosen to make the CD.”

Gregorian Chant Download

The Best Gregorian Chant Music Can bring you peace!

Whether you’re a Christian or not, one cannot deny that these beautiful compositions bring peace and calm. Their flowing melodies have brought sleep and enjoyment to thousands.

Thank you for reading this collection of some of the best gregorian chant. While many are switching over to digital download MP3s, owning these albums on CD is a great way to listen as well and even give away as a gift.