Gregorian Chant

Welcome to Chants of Carmel. Where the best Gregorian Chant is presented. We not only bring you information on the Monks of Carmel and it’s monks, but we also explore chant performed by Monks and Nuns all around the world.

Carmelite monks sing the delightful chants you hear on this page. When the monks sing these mystical chants of carmel, their praise makes the human soul soar. Monks who dedicate their lives to contemplation and singing the divine praises have crafted these chants and perfected their style of chant to reflect their hearts’ journeys toward God.

Chant speaks to the soul and soothes a soul searching for God. Singing is the speaking of the soul. In chant, the soul speaks of God and its encounter with God. The melody of chant is its strength. It appeals to the higher parts of the human soul rather than the body, unlike harmony or strong beats. The song of the monks flows from their long solitude and meditation on God.

Gregorian Chant is a truly peaceful experience.

Gregorian Chant Audio Sample

Gregorian Chant Modes

There are eight modes within chant, each producing a different mood. Every chant uses only one mode that does not change within the entire melody. The modes are essential for producing the mysterious melodies within chant and are very different from modern tones. They come from ancient modes used by the Hebrews in the temple and formulated by the Greeks, around 3000 years ago. The ancient philosophers saw each mode as producing a different effect on the one listening to the song. Some modes produce positive effects on the listener of the chant and others sorrowful effects, either lifting the soul into heaven or calling to mind some human event.

This is where the ancient gregorian chants differ from modern tones. The highest aim in the chant was an intelligent use of the mode to express an intelligent statement. This entails the use of the intellect. Unlike modern base rhythms and beats, which mimic the rhythms of the body, the chants appealed to what is most admirable in humans, the intellect. Needless to say, it seems to be a higher form of music than modern music.

Monks’ Addition and Influence

Monks add the heavenly aspect to chant. Their encounters with God have added a supernatural effect on chant that is found in no other song. Monks alone add this quality to chanting. Their song is a channel that heaven uses to reach the souls of humans, because the souls of monks are open to divine inspiration. Listening to their chant is an encounter with the angels. The monks’ whole goal is to offer to God what is highest within himself. Music and words being mankind’s most beautiful art, the monks save it all for the worship of God in the holy liturgy.

The ancient tradition is that monks learned gregorian chant from the angels themselves. While deep in prayer, the monks could never express the divine realities as they experienced them. Inspired by grace, they prayed that the angels themselves would teach the monks how to express to others the secrets of contemplation. At this they heard the angels chanting in the most glorious otherworldly tones. The souls of the monks were caught up into the song of the angels and instinctively joined into the chant. Chant or Plainsong has been heralded for ages. Check out some of these other Gregorian albums and downloads for your listening pleasure.

Their chant still echoes the singing of the angels. The souls of the monks renew their song and spread throughout the world the heavenly chant. Listen to these monks chant. Their voices spread peace with every word and reflect the angelic song. We’re glad that you stopped by to check out some the soothing sounds and notes of plain gregorian chant.